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Artes de México offers a variety of activities that accompany and enrich the cultural project at the heart of our editorial work.

Servicios Editoriales
At Artes de México, disseminating books of great beauty and editorial quality is key: the practice of reading, together with the aesthetic experiences that the diverse artistic manifestations propose, is the basis of social dialogue. We seek to make visible the work of both new and established authors, as well as to open a space for diverse artistic practices and trajectories to converge in books of exceptional beauty. In addition, we extend our work to companies, institutions and groups interested in collaborating with our project.
Some of the publications we have edited

Posada, Printmaking Genius. This book has been written for a wide audience: the curious reader will find a comprehensive overview of José Guadalupe Posada's work through his main series of images, as well as a detailed account of his life; the art enthusiast will have access to a work featuring unpublished images and information about the latest research on the engraver. Additionally, the techniques used by Posada, his countless images created on commission for various publishers, are discussed in detail regarding their significance and influence.

25 Years / 25 Perspectives on the History of Mexico. For the past 25 years, the collection presented by the Museum of Mexican History has been the result of a lifetime of collecting that is both intelligent and sensitive. This collection of pieces is so significant that, through 25 perspectives offered by the renowned essayist Alfonso Alfaro, we can grasp the uniqueness of the country and the specific way in which we embrace our history and cultural diversity.

Chapultepec Forest: Mexico's Sacred and Natural Site. The texts authored by prominent writers are complemented by a plethora of exquisite images, spanning from historical to contemporary, originating from diverse sources such as codices, paintings, drawings, illustrations, and photographs. Together, they form a broad and innovative spectrum of art, depicting the multifaceted aspects of our urban forest - both natural and man-altered. Furthermore, the book features maps of its sections, illustrative charts, an extensive bibliography, and a brief timeline. Serving as a valuable testament and memory, this book underscores the immense significance the site has had and continues to hold in the life and development of Mexico and its capital. Understanding it is essential for its preservation.

Visionarios. Tequileros de estirpe. More than three hundred years have passed since a Mexican dynasty forged a path of labor, vision, culture, and philanthropy. Across several generations, Mexico's largest tequila producer also emerged as a company committed to the welfare of the people of Tequila and the country. This book showcases the exceptional moments when the vision was directed towards the future to build a legacy with global impact. A history intertwined, like a shining thread, in the story of Jalisco and Tequila.

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Curatorial Services

In addition to an extensive editorial catalog, Artes de México offers a unique selection of art and folk art. From textiles and shawls, to ceramic pieces and works by great Mexican graphic artists such as Joel Rendón, each piece is designed to bring life and warmth to your spaces.

Our personalized curatorial advice will help you choose the best works to transform your environment, celebrating the richness and diversity of Mexican art.

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Cultural Experiences

At Artes de México, we are convinced that art is lived. Community experiences are essential to enrich the dialogue that artistic proposals are capable of bringing to our society. Through a variety of activities designed for all tastes and ages, we invite you to immerse yourself in Mexico's rich cultural heritage:

Book presentations

Creative workshops


Tastings and samplings

Literary and culinary experiences

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